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Jana Kapital
Website 2.0

Our website has now been upgraded to a new version, making it easier and more user-friendly than ever to start a project or donate. We strive to make Jana Kapital a reliable, accessible, and safe platform to support people in reaching their goals.

How It Works?

In relation to both MSMEs and Investors

Jana Kapital is a platform that connects investors and MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) by providing crowdfunding opportunities. We have an easy-to-use platform where entrepreneurs can easily create their profile and list their business. Investors, on the other hand, can find businesses that match their investment criteria and make investments.Our website also has a detailed page on how our crowdfunding platform works both for MSMEs and investors. This page helps to explain the process of crowdfunding and how our platform works. With Jana Kapital, we make it easy for MSMEs to find the funding they need and for investors to find the right business to invest in.

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Register for free by filling in all necessary details as Project Owners on the Platform. and submit your application on the MSME page



Act as a host company or business matching platform for Project Owners and Investors


Available For Individual - 18 years of age and a copy of their Identification Card and Bank Account Details



Organizers can be from established charitable organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), agencies, cooperatives or for any special event situations such as pandemic, flood, earthquake, etc..

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