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Biz Clinic

Do you have a business idea but lack or have little or no access to funding?


Jana Kapital | Biz Clinic is here to help tomorrow's generation - the undergrads, school-leavers, or would-be entrepreneurs bring their business ideas to life.


The entrepreneurship world can be very complex.   Our Biz Clinic would help you every step of the way - from idea generation to business plan execution.


We help refine your ideas and curate your business plan, and when its ready your project gets listed on our platform


We provide you and your business access to a wider network of investors who are willing to invests in your ideas for some share of returns.


Get started.  Fill up the form and speak to us today.  Turn your dreams and ideas into a possibility!

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Jana Kapital is the perfect platform for people looking to make their idea a reality! Share your idea, build your startup, and get a chance to be listed in our crowdfunding platform - all conveniently in one place. Let Jana Kapital help you turn your dreams into a reality

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